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Our story

The relationship between Conversi’s family and travertine has a history of over 100 years that dates back to the early 1900s. The abundance and wise use of this valuable material, that was in the land owned by the Conversi family, has allowed them to be realized, in a very long period of time, great works of architectural and urban importance, first of all the construction of the Palazzo di Giustizia of Rome, designed by Eng. Calderini. Under the leadership of avv. Antonio Conversi will then follow Via della Conciliazione, the monumental avenue leading to the Basilica of San Pietro, the Stadio Olimpico in Rome, the San Paolo Stadium in Naples and many other public and private projects. In the mid-60s the lawyer Alessandro Conversi collects the precious inheritance of his father Antonio and consolidates and expands the company activity, not only at home but also and above all abroad, where through CIMEP Srl, leads to the realization of important clients, achieving great successes. In Europe, in France and in particular in Germany, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Berlin, the Allianz Insurance Management Center in Frankfurt, the Ko Bogen Granda Moll in Dusseldorf, the first Apple store in Dusseldorf.

Beyond Europe, the activity of Conversi’s family includes the USA, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, China, Japan, India and Lebanon. The supply of the raw material used, travertine, is expressed not only in the form of blocks, slabs, finished products, but also through the trade of marble materials, such as Carrara, Statuario, Arabescato, and so on. Moreover, next to the value of this material there are the experience and professionalism, the technical knowledge and the specific skills that more generations of Conversi’s family have matured on the field with dedication and commitment. And it is with this experience, which combines at the same time tradition and innovation, that the Romanstone still proposes today, with Alessandro recently supported by his sons Federico and Paolo, old generation that pass the baton to the younger generation of the family. With all its know-how, Romanstone is now turning to its devoted clientele and to the new customers and markets, with a professionalism capable of meeting the most difficult challenges both nationally and internationally.


Works carried out in the past by CIMEP


Conversi’s family


Alessandro Conversi was born in Tivoli on 29.06-1940.
Degree in law. He has always worked in the field of travertine and marble since the beginning of his career, taking care of relations with foreign clients and carrying out several important works with them through CIMEP SRL (a company that has always dealt with extraction and marketing of the Roman travertine). CIMEP srl 50%’s owner and founder of Romanstone. Among the most important works he done with CIMEP: Realization of the new Foreign Ministry in Berlin, Port Authority of Rome Fiumicino, Palazzo Elie Saab in Beirut Lebanon and many others.


Federico Conversi was born in Rome on 25-02-1969.
Degrees in Business and Economics with honors. After a year and a half in which he served as an officer in the Arma dei Carabinieri with the rank of second lieutenant he began working at Cimep srl in 1994 where he has always worked on Roman travertine and other marbles. He gained a deep knowledge of the Guidonia travertine sector, thanks also to the many experiences abroad and to continuous contacts with customers from other countries. From 2017 he then dedicated himself to the development of the company founded by his father Alessandro.


Paolo Conversi graduated with honors in Business Economics and then in Development Economics; he later obtained a Doctorate in Social Sciences and another in Economics and has dedicated himself to investigating various international issues. With the birth of Romanstone he put his skills at the service of the company founded by his father Alessandro.