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The Roman travertine of Tivoli, originally called lapis tiburtinus, has a historical value of more than 2,000 years continued over time; a story that does not know any other stone material. In every age, from antiquity to the present day, many varieties and types of uses of travertine have always been able to adapt to the needs of the people and their architecture.

Romanstone is part of this centuries-old tradition that in the last century saw in the family of Antonio and Alessandro Conversi a significant actor. Over the years, Antonio and Alessandro Conversi’s family has expanded its range of action and sales network of its products abroad, reaching markets all over the world: Middle East, Europe, Far East, Latin America , Southeast Asia, as well as new emerging markets. Considering that travertine has increasingly become a highly appreciated material not only for street furniture, but also for interior design, Antonio and Alessandro Conversi’s family has also developed considerable skills in this field.

The experience gained in the stone market has led Romanstone not to limit its expertise to travertine, but also to range to other types of marbles and stones.