Romanstone primarily specializes in the supply and sale of Roman travertine.
Originally called lapis tiburtinus, Roman travertine from Tivoli has been admired for over 2,000 years - a history unmatched by any other stone. Throughout every era, from antiquity to the present day, different people from different cultures have appreciated the versatility and durability of travertine′s many varieties and applications, applying it to their architecture, some of which exists to this day.
Romanstone has become part of this age-old tradition. In the last century, it saw the significant involvement of the Conversi family, led by Antonio and Alessandro.
Projects completed in the past with CIMEP
Stadio Olimpico di Roma
Stadio Olimpico di Roma
Centro Direzionale Assicurazioni Allianz a Francoforte
Ministero degli Esteri a Berlino
Palazzo di Giustizia in Roma
Villa privata a Zurigo
Primo Apple Store realizzato in Travertino a Düsseldorf
Centro commerciale Ko Bogen Dusseldorf realizzato dalla Cimep in travertino
Palazzo Shell house Berlino prima dell intervento della Cimep con il travertino
Palazzo Shell House realizzato dalla Cimep in travertino
Romanstone was established in 2016, gaining the knowledge and expertise in the field of travertine acquired since the 1960s by the Conversi family through the company Cimep Srl, well-known throughout the world for its travertine.
Cimep had been working in the travertine industry since 1949 but is no longer active today, their experience having passed into the hands of Romanstone.
The connection between the Conversi family and travertine dates back to the early 1900s. The abundance and skillful use of this prestigious natural stone found on the Conversi family′s land allowed for significant architectural and urban projects to be carried out over a substantial period of time. Among just one of them is the imposing courthouse in Rome, designed by the architect, Guglielmo Calderini.
Under the guidance of lawyer Antonio Conversi, other notable projects followed, including the Via della Conciliazione, the monumental avenue leading to St. Peter′s Basilica, the Olympic Stadium in Rome, the San Paolo Stadium in Naples, and many other public and private projects.
In the mid-1960s, Alessandro Conversi inherited his father′s legacy, consolidating and expanding the family business. Not only did he strengthen its presence in Italy, but also abroad, achieving great success through Cimep Srl. Several significant commissions were undertaken, particularly in Europe, in France and in particular Germany. Notable projects include the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Berlin, the Allianz Insurance Headquarters in Frankfurt, the Ko Bogen Granda Moll in Dusseldorf, and the first Apple store, also in Dusseldorf. Beyond Europe, the family′s activities extended to the United States, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, China, Japan, India and Lebanon. Travertine was supplied not only in the form of blocks, slabs and finished products but also included the exportation of marble such as Carrara, Statuario, Arabescato among others.

The value of this unique material is enhanced by the experience, professionalism, technical knowledge and specific expertise that many generations of the Conversi family have acquired through dedication and commitment.
With such a rich heritage that combines tradition with today′s technology, Romanstone continues to prosper. Alessandro, with the support of his sons Federico and Paolo, represents the new generation leading the family business into the future.
With their extensive know-how, Romanstone caters to customers and markets both old and new enabling the company to face even the most challenging projects both at home and abroad with professionalism and dedication, upholding their reputation whilst looking forward to new horizons with confidence and determination.
Romanstone′s customers mainly include marble traders or general contractors for large projects, but also for small craft workshops and private clients.
Roman travertine, sold in rough blocks, is undoubtedly Romanstone′s flagship product of which there are many different types, colour variations and qualities.
The company primarily markets blocks and slabs but is also capable of undertaking large projects by supplying finished products such as small marble tiles, door thresholds, stairs, indoor and outdoor flooring, bathtubs, travertine shower bases and much more, according to the customer′s specific requirements.
The company also produces travertine for cladding exteriors, for flooring, shower bases and bathroom countertops.
Customers are constantly supported throughout the work phases, and photographs of the materials used are provided at each stage.
Romanstone′s direct presence at the excavation site cuts out the middle man and is able to market the stone directly from the source.
Over the years, Antonio and Alessandro Conversi have expanded their scope of business and the sales network of their products to international markets all over the world, including the Middle East, Europe, the Far East, Latin America and Southeast Asia, as well as emerging markets.
Considering that travertine has increasingly become a highly appreciated material not only in urban design but also in interior decoration, the Conversi family has also developed significant expertise in this field. The experience gained in the stone market has led Romanstone to extend its reach beyond travertine, venturing into other types of marble and stone.
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